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Parkwood is a member-owned pool

"One of the things I love most about about being a member of Parkwood is that it feels like a family. We all pitch in to keep it clean and safe and running well, and then we all get to hang out and laugh and watch each others' kids grow up. It's been at the heart of our family's sense of belonging in our community."

                                                           -10-year Parkwood member


Parkwood members share the ownership, benefits, and responsibilities of operating the pool. Member dues take care of maintaining the pool, restrooms and grounds of the pool, as well as the salaries of lifeguards.  Our fees are competitive with other local pools; we keep costs as low as possible because our Parkwood family "jumps in" to help. PARKWOOD FAMILIES ARE THE BEST!!

2022 Membership Rates

We'd love for you to join
the Parkwood Family!
  • Family:   $450 before May 15, $500 after May 15

(A family is defined as relatives living in the same home.)

  • Couples: $300 before May 15, $350 after May 15

    • A couple can be single parent and one child or a married couple.  We will also offer a couple with a child younger than 18 months this membership

  • Singles$200 before May 15, $250 after May 15

  • 30 consecutive days: $200

  • 30 non-consecutive days: $250


We will not be offering weekend passes.


We're so glad you asked!

​Complete these simple steps and you'll be all set to join us at the pool this summer:

  1.  Complete our MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION by clicking this button --->

  2.  Pay your membership fees online by clicking on the "Pay" buttons below,

or checks can also be mailed to: 

Parkwood Association

PO Box 673 

Spartanburg, SC 29304



(if paid in full by May 15th)

(For immediate family members  living in one household.



For couples or

single parent with child.



Membership for ONE



You must fill out an

application above or email to schedule the days you are purchasing.

Have more questions or need to contact us about a membership?

 Feel free to email Melissa at

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